"We ensure that clients have the best equipment and the latest technical infrastructure at their disposal, to capture the artistic vision to perfection"

Color Grading

At Jayanthi, we have a team comprising the industry’s finest talents of Colourists, operating the latest and most flexible grading systems. Using the non-linear grading platform, Davinci Resolve, our Colourists have the perfect creative toolset for all genres. Davinci Resolve, non-linear technology offers multi layer grading in real time, free hand shapes and tracking possibilities, and is fully integrated with FCP, Avid and file based workflows.

With Davinci Resolve systems at our Hyderabad facility, we can offer a dedicated grading solution wherever your project may be based. Our Colourists’ credit lists include films, television of every genre plus digital and commercials, ensuring that we have the experience and creative eye to give any production true on-screen value.


Jayanthi is fast earning renown as India’s premier edit house. Needless to say, it is our policy to ensure that our clients have the best equipment at their disposal, operating on the latest technical infrastructure.
Jayanthi Studio has 2 offline suites; we welcome freelancers to our editing operation, usually engaged by our clients in an offline capacity, or by ourselves on your behalf.


Jayanthi Studio works in collaboration with established CG/VFX studio from Romania and Lithuania, offering a full spectrum of visual services. From CG creatures and crowds to vast digital matte paintings, delicate composites, invisible beauty work and everything in between, we forge compelling visuals that align with the client’s vision – all within the agreed deadlines and budgets.

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